Who we are

LWF World Service is the humanitarian and development arm of the Lutheran World Federation.

From LWF’s beginning in 1947, its member churches have mandated World Service as their key actor in international diakonia (service to others) to assist all those in need without discrimination of any kind. Today, LWF World Service is a widely recognized, international, faith-based organization working in 24 countries. We seek to bring people of all backgrounds together in the common quest for justice, peace, and reconciliation in an increasingly complex and fragmented world.

We are particularly known for our timely, compassionate, and professional humanitarian work, and for our field presence in hard-to-reach areas. Our work is people centered and community-based. Above all, we work with the most vulnerable, and in order to claim and uphold their rights, we engage proactively with local government and community structures.

A defining feature of LWF World Service is its local rootedness and global connectivity, linking local community voices with international dialogue, advocacy, and peace work.