From left to right: Gabrielle Ncabukoroka, Clothilde Mbonigaba, Léoncie Ntibitangira.

From left to right: Gabrielle Ncabukoroka, Clothilde Mbonigaba, Léoncie Ntibitangira. The three friends take part on an LWF supported group commited to empowering women to claim their rights.

Since 2006, LWF Burundi has a built an impressive track-record in livelihoods, protection and social cohesion, of working with local and national authorities, as well as community-based organizations. LWF Burundi supports Internally Displaced People, local communities, and returnees in the provinces of Cankuzo and Ruyigi, near the Tanzanian border. Projects promote the integration of vulnerable people and the empowerment of women and youth.

Currently, the program supports more than 33,000 people annually attain sustainable livelihoods, receive adequate protection, access education, foster social cohesion and work towards gender equality.

"Many people are asking to join our cooperative and others are asking us to train them. We helped our neighbors to apply the techniques we learned.”

Sidace Minani, the president of a cooperative, who took part in a youth rights and resilience promotion project, launched in 2017. Sidace’s cooperative is now fully independent..
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1415.people learned about children’s right, gender equality, and became engaged against gender-based violence
11283.individuals sustainably strengthened their livelihoods
57500.km of roads were rehabilitated

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Local voices, local actions

Joceline Sahinkuye is a trainer. She teaches village savings and loans associations to the Farmer Field School members. She has 30 students and the course is 3 sessions of 2 hours. She did a course to be a trainer and was elected by the members of the community to teach the course. She is a farmer herself and do this as an activity. She explains “I am proud I am doing this. I am a trained teacher but I could not find a job so I am farming instead. This gives me the opportunity to teach. “This is an opportunity to benefit from others’ ideas. They have many ideas which mean we can conduct many projects!”

Joceline SAHINKUYE teaching

Joceline SAHINKUYE teaches village savings and loans associations to the Farmer Field School members. Photo LWF Burundi

“Civil society organizations are often unaware, but we have a unique role in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process. We can improve the state of human rights in the country by offering informed recommendations to the State of Burundi through this United Nations platform.”

Merveille Mugisha, LWF Burundi Advocacy Officer
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LWF World Service is regularly looking for new staff to work in the field. A commitment to the human rights of every individual, regardless of their status, guides our work, actions, and operations. Our work is people-centred and community-based.  



Pablo Lo Moro, Regional Program Coordinator (Geneva)
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Martine Nibasumba, National Director in Burundi
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